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24/7 Chatbot supported help

Expand your digital service channels with a chatbot as a personal assistant. Your customer answers predefined questions in dialogue or formulates his request himself and is guided through the processes by means of the chatbot. The chatbot is available 24 hours a day and enables immediate efficient processing of the request.

Chatbot Use Cases:

  • Transmission of the meter reading
  • Change of the agreed billing amount
  • Management of contracts, invoices, personal data and offers
  • Advice on tariffs and change in tariffs
  • Help with relocation or contract termination
  • Interactive FAQs

Key Benefits

Self-Service Solution – enable your customers to resolve their requests themselves within a few minutes and relieve customer support at the same time.

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80% of all requests can be solved by chatbot

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Omnichannel accessibility via web chat and all Messenger channels

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24 / 7 availability without waiting

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Increase customer satisfaction

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