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Selling with targeted customer contact

Your company will appear right in your customer’s messenger chat history. It is therefore present in your customer’s favourite apps, which gets you a direct connection to them. The chatbot is customized to your needs and guides your customers not only through the product range and the ordering process, but also takes care of customer service. All messenger channels can be used for communication according to your preferences.

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Chatbot supported shopping experience:

  • Pre-sales / after-sales consulting
  • Presentation of the product portfolio
  • Direct payment via chat
  • Order tracking e.g. via QR codes per order
  • Bonus point system
  • Opportunities for personal contact
  • Feedback and experience reports
  • Returns processing

Key Benefits

Support your customer service team with a digital advisor.


Reduction of processing time and support costs

Steigerung kundenzufriedenheit

Increase customer satisfaction with faster responses


Bots learn from interactions and update themselves autonomously

Erreichbarkeit sms

24 / 7 availability

Demo Bot

Scan QR Code and test the Yummy Bakery DEMO Bot directly on your smartphone or use the following button.

sms messaging ecommerce Conversational Commerce

New customer communication

Use operating systems such as instant messengers for your customer communication that are known and familiar to your customers and thus increase the user experience. Use customer-facing chatbots for efficient and service-oriented customer interaction through predefined automated responses. All messenger channels can be used for communication according to your preferences.

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Chatbot Use Cases:

  • familiar and trusted by users
  • good user experience
  • Browse a catalog of goods – selection of e.g. fashion or other products including description of items
  • Personalized shopping assistant “Suits me”
  • Place order, make payment
  • Promotions and bonus points
  • Product campaigns for product advertising
  • Live chat with employees

Key Benefits

Digital customer advisor instead of being on hold.

schneller sms Versand

Simultaneous management of multiple customers

sms messaging konsumgueter

Reduce mispurchases and decrease returns

sms messaging call center

Customer inquiries are answered directly via the chat

sms persönlich

Integrated customer experience through tailored information

Demo Bot

Scan QR Code and test the Zendy DEMO Bot directly on your smartphone or use the following button.

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