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Banking is this easy

Guide your customers to the best account solution – with the chatbot as a digital advisor. Used in a customer-specific way, the spectrum of requirements ranges from a personal assistant for daily banking transactions, to automatic responses to customer inquiries, to product advice. Banking bots are not just another banking app that needs to be downloaded, but are integrated into existing applications.

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Chatbot functions:

  • Product selection and ordering
  • Automated transactions with two-factor authentication
  • Branch finder via location search
  • Live chat with employees
  • Product campaigns for product advertising

Data security

Protection against fraud and data security through verification with one-time passwords and securedata transmission. Sensitive data does not remain in the messaging history.



Datensicherheit sms messaging

secure transmission

Erreichbarkeit sms

24/7 system monitoring


server location Germany

Demo Bot

Scan QR Code and test the Citizen Union Bank DEMO Bot directly on your smartphone or use the following button.

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