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For recruitment agencies, hiring good workers can be a big challenge. With limited staff, recruiters need to make sure they can reach their temporary workers and job candidates quickly. That’s why more and more recruitment agencies are turning to text messaging to find and place their staff quickly.

SMS is an ideal tool for rostering, as recruits open almost every text message they receive. By managing rosters via SMS, staff temps can respond quickly to upcoming shifts, giving the HR provider more time for planning.

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Key Benefits

  • Save time in the recruiting process through SMS automation
  • Receive more applications through SMS
  • Stay in touch with employees through text messaging
  • Keep candidates up to date via SMS

SMS for improved recruiting

SMS automation saves the recruiter both time and money by automating manual tasks that would otherwise take all day. SMS is suitable for sending automated reminders for job fairs and interviews and sorting contacts instantly into separate databases so you can send them only the most relevant messages regarding their applications.

Use Cases for SMS

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Send targeted job postings

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Application updates

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Send interview reminders


Answer questions from the candidates

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