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Simplify official formalities

Public administrations have a bad reputation when it comes to operating efficiently. Public administration presents its own unique administrative challenges, including a high demand for improved services due to lengthy office processes with the expectation of a high level of efficiency and security.

Administrative procedures can be very time-consuming. Tasks such as registering/renewing a residence, obtaining important documents, voter registration, vehicle registration and searching for information can be speeded up by implementing an SMS service.

Citizens are tired of wasting their time standing in line. Waiting lines at offices can be avoided by sending documents, appointment reminders or appointments via SMS, thus eliminating the need for citizens to drop by for a simple registration form or the like. In addition, with appointment reminders, people show up on time for their service appointments or last-minute cancellations or cancellations are prevented.


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Key Benefits

  • Improve and fasten public authority processes with SMS
  • Avoid waiting in queues at public administration offices
  • Reduce administrative costs and increase work efficiency
  • Keep citizens informed via SMS

Optimisation of processes through SMS automation

When it comes to informing the public, reach and speed are essential. That’s why more and more local governments and public administrations are turning to SMS to reach citizens. 98% of SMS are read, and 90% of them are read within 3 minutes, meaning the reach and speed is second to none.

SMS have proven to be an important tool when it comes to sending (appointment) reminders and notifications.

This eliminates the need for lengthy phone calls or email chains. In addition, the productivity of the employees can be increased and the administrative costs can be reduced with the help of SMS in the entire communication.

Use Cases for SMS

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