SMS Newsletters: Benefit from the efficient Marketing Tool

Sending newsletters via SMS may seem unusual, but it can help you stand out against the other companies. In this article, we’ll show how SMS messaging creates a customized marketing tool that customers will remember.

Did you know that email newsletters take up 29 % of email inbox space? That’s more than any other type of email. The significant increase in email newsletters is a challenge for even the most talented team of copywriters.

But it’s not like competition is the only barrier to newsletter success. Changes in email inboxes – such as Gmail’s Advertising tab, which pre-sorts the often unpopular promotional emails – make it less likely that the target audience will even see the newsletter.

All of this suggests that a new approach to distributing an offer is needed.

And that’s where SMS newsletters come into play.

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What are the benefits of SMS newsletters?

There are two ways text messaging can be used to drive interest in a newsletter:

  • Send the link to the web version of the newsletter or a published press release.
  • Notify readers via SMS that the newsletter has just been emailed or a new press release has been published.

If still in doubt about the communication channel, check out the following SMS marketing statistics:

  • Reach: with SMS messages, you will reach around 95 % of your customers, compared to 25 % with email newsletters. For social media, it’s as low as 10 %.
  • Engagement: SMS notification rates are six to eight times higher than email.
  • Marketing: SMS campaigns perform seven times better than email marketing campaigns.
  • Speed: SMS messages are sent in real time. There are no delays in receiving them.
  • Visibility: SMS push notifications land directly on the lockscreen. That is, depending on the setting, the customer receives all the necessary information without having to unlock the phone first.
  • Advertising: SMS newsletters arrive directly and do not end up in spam as is often the case with e-mails.
  • Accessibility: SMS are delivered even with poor network coverage, which should not be underestimated, especially when traveling.

There is still a widespread opinion that receiving advertising SMS is not wanted. In a study by Twilio, 85 % of consumers surveyed said that they would like to receive messages via SMS from companies.

Not only is an SMS one of the most effective marketing tools, it is still a unique selling point. Only 7 % of businesses currently use SMS messaging to communicate with their customers. This can be used as an advantage to differentiate from competitors.

In the next section, we show the development of unread email newsletters to open rates of 98 % and click-through rates of 35 %. Depending on the industry, significantly higher values are also possible here.

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How to distribute the newsletter?

Overview: Smartphone usage in Germany

According to Statista, the proportion of smartphone users in Germany aged 14 and over will be around 88.8 percent in 2021.

Almost every German under the age of 50 uses a smartphone. In the 14 to 49 age group, smartphones are indispensable, with a user share of over 95 percent. Above all, because the multifunctional smartphones have long been more than just portable telephones. With a user share of 93 percent, smartphone penetration is similarly high among 50- to 59-year-olds. In the 60 to 69 age group, around 85 percent of people use a smartphone. Among the over-70s, the figure is still 65 percent.

So sending an SMS message can reach almost anyone!

sms newsletter

The easiest way to distribute an SMS newsletter is to include the link to an email newsletter in a text message.

sms newsletter

If the e-mail newsletter is to be completely abolished, there is an option to send only the link to a new blog article or press release that will be placed on the website beforehand.

Combine email and SMS newsletter

sms newsletter

To achieve the greatest ROI, companies should offer their target audience the opportunity to sign up for a newsletter via email and SMS. The message can simply be tailored to each channel.

By leveraging both the wide reach of email lists and the high engagement of SMS, both channels help make newsletters a cornerstone of one’s marketing strategy.

Further uses of newsletters through SMS messaging

Direct contact with the end customer establishes trust and increases customer satisfaction. Text messaging can be used to send personalized notifications for:

sms Rabattcode

information about discounts

sms persönlich

exclusive offers

promotion messaging

invitations to events

social media

information targeted to different interest groups

Sending SMS newsletters with dicomsys

dicomsys GmbH is the experienced partner for SMS marketing. With our competent service we help you to an easy integration and use of the SMS dispatch. Through our direct connection to the gateways of the mobile network providers, we achieve 100 % coverage in Germany. With GDPR-compliant opt-in and opt-out, we guarantee increased data security.

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What do SMS newsletters cost?

Sending SMS messages as newsletters is much cheaper compared to sending a single SMS. A single SMS costs companies in Germany between 6 and 10 cents. Thus, when creating an SMS marketing campaign, our products can significantly minimize the costs.

In addition, costs associated with the creation of e-mail campaigns are saved. Email campaigns require creativity and design. They must be compatible with all email clients. Accordingly, SMS messages that are only 160 characters long are a more cost-effective way to reach your target audience.

Do you have any questions?

Our team of SMS marketing experts will be happy to help. Call us at +49 2171 7954 403.

dicomsys is a reliable provider of SMS communication. Through direct gateway connection, we offer our B2B customers access to mobile network operators worldwide. SMS are delivered to the mobile devices of their recipients in the fastest and most secure way. We help companies achieve efficiency through automation using intelligent messaging solutions.

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