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SMS as a link between doctor’s office and patient

Patients’ e-mail inboxes are often overcrowded with advertising and SPAM mails. However, SMS messages are rarely received and therefore read within 5 seconds. Especially in sectors where dialogue is difficult, SMS can be used sensibly and cost-effectively to improve communication channels and increase patient satisfaction.

sms appointment confirmation

Key Benefits

  • Diverse and personal:
    • Appointment reminders and coordination
    • Reminder of follow-up prescriptions and check-ups
    • Results of laboratory tests
    • Information on therapy monitoring and treatment success
  • Even older cell phones can receive SMS
  • 76% of people worldwide want to be reminded of their doctor’s appointments
  • SMS are a great help in communication, which is necessary to tell the patient the exact time and dose of medication.

Benefits for clinics & doctors

Automated SMS reminders are a key instrument for healthcare providers.

Erreichbarkeit sms

Reliable SMS dispatch via direct connections to mobile network operators


Cost reduction for reminders – SMS are significantly cheaper than telephone calls


Patients appreciate and prefer SMS notifications

messaging termin Appointment Management

sms date confirmation

25% of missed appointments can be reduced using SMS. Maximize your profitability by avoiding no-shows and open time slots. With effective mobile appointment management, you can surpass your existing scheduling functions and save time and costs.

How SMS help

Messaging Terminbestätigung

Appointment confirmation

messaging terminverschiebung

Appointment postponement

messaging terminabsage


sms marketing checkliste

Information about available laboratory results

sms medication Smart Medication

Send an SMS with the exact dosage of each medicine at the right time and encourage patients to stick to their treatment plans and medication. We are currently working with pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions to reduce the number of recurring visits to the doctor by patients. These are still necessary in many areas today in order to tailor the medication to the patient‘s needs, e.g. pain management, blood sugar disorders etc. 

sms smart medication

How SMS help

sms Warnung

69% of people would like to be reminded to take their medication

Erreichbarkeit sms

42% of patients forget to take their medication

sms messaging

Sending of follow-up SMS for therapy monitoring and observation of the treatment success


Sending SMS reminders to patients to order a follow-up prescription

videosprechstunde Medical Video Consul­tation

sms medical video consultation

In the current COVID-19 pandemic, patients avoid going to the doctor. Video consultations are increasingly being used as a substitute. To send patients the access code for the virtual consultation quickly and reliably, an SMS is sent with the link to the waiting room including the access code.

How SMS help


98% of all SMS are opened

sms Versandroute

SMS is available worldwide and is delivered independently of a data connection (mobile network / WLAN)

messaging terminverschiebung

Notifications about postponed or canceled appointments are displayed immediately



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