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SMS as a marketing tool

Even though SMS is very popular among the people, only a few online shops use SMS for their marketing campaigns. Yet SMS attracts more attention than an e-mail. This is possible because potential customers receive countless e-mails every day, most of which remain unread or even end up in the trash immediately. SMS enables companies in eCommerce to have a direct line to their customers. The targeted approach plays a significant role in the sale of products.

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Key Benefits

  • Reach customers via a channel with a unique selling proposition
  • Improve customer experience with personalised SMS
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment rate with automated SMS
  • Send tracking via link in SMS
  • Send promotional offers to customers via SMS

Personalised Ordering Process

Today, it is more important than ever to meet and exceed customer expectations in eCommerce. With personalised SMS, businesses stand out from the rest. Sending personalised SMSs informing that an item is ready for collection resulted in a 35% reduction in non-collections.


Increase conversion rate

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Building trust and loyalty

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Multiply sales

How SMS help

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Order information

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Coupon codes

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Promotional offers