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Avoid long waiting times – with SMS notifications you inform your customers reliably and securely directly via their smartphone and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. SMS is the ideal communication channel to attract the attention of your customers and get in touch, because only a few SMS are still sent. Exceptional customer care and efficient service delivery significantly reduce costs.

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Key Benefits

  • Increase of accessibility
  • Huge time savings for call center employees
  • SMS notifications are seen and answered immediately
  • Increase of Efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Reliable SMS transmission through direct connections to mobile network operators

Customer satisfaction surveys

Unused and surprising – send your surveys as SMS and attract the attention of your customers. In everyday life, SMS are rarely used anymore due to WhatsApp, Facebook and other messenger services. Therefore, SMS notifications receive a particularly high level of attention and are answered quickly.

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The answer options are sent immediately and are designed to be easy to understand

persönlicher kundenservice

Reduction of survey drop-outs through short and clear text messages


Over 50% of respondents answer surveys via SMS

Use Cases for SMS


Submission offers, contracts


Confirmations of orders, notices, deadlines

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Information on deliveries, pick-ups, appointments 

telekommunikation messaging lösungen

Offer call-back option

automobil messaging loesungen

Notification of the duration of waiting periods