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Secure 2-factor authentication

Since the PSD2 Payment Directive came into force, all online and card payments must be mandatorily approved by two independent characteristics from the categories knowledge, possession or inherence. Simple is good, secure is better – with SMS notifications, as a second independent component in the authentication process, increase security measures and protect your customers’ financial transactions.

sms 2-factor authentication

Key Benefits

  • SMS is available worldwide
  • Reliable SMS dispatch via direct connections to mobile network operators
  • No data connection (mobile network / WLAN) needed
  • No app download required as for photoTAN or pushTAN
  • Security features like IPsec and HTTPS

2-factor authentication

mTAN or smsTAN are particularly suitable for two-factor authentication because they are more flexible than, for example, photoTAN, pushTAN or TAN generator. An smsTAN is a mobile password with limited validity and is used for online transfers, approval processes and logins.

smsTANs are sent via our secure and compliant with data protection systems hosted in PCI_DSS /FACT / ISO 9001 certified German data centers.

How SMS help

sms notification

Account balance and overdraft warning

sms Warnung

Transaction warnings for large amounts

sms messaging erinnerung

Payment reminders

2-phasen Authentifizierung

SMS-enabled customer service

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