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Save time + improve customer service

With SMS notifications, there is no longer a need to make calls where customer and service employee might miss each other. Huge time savings, as your service employees do not have to call multiple times to reach the customer. Improve your customer communication and create a new customer experience, time and cost effective.

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Key Benefits

  • Customers prefer SMS notifications
  • SMS notifications are seen and answered immediately
  • Huge time savings for service employees
  • Accessibility problem is solved
  • Reliable SMS transmission through direct connections to mobile network operators

SMS notifications

98% of all SMS messages are opened. Communicate via SMS and gain the attention of your customers.

Send reminders, simply and efficiently via SMS, for

erinnerung inspektion

Annual inspection

erinnerung Reifenwechsel

Tyre change
(summer / winter)

erinnerung Ölwechsel

Oil change

Use Case car repair shop appointments

messaging Terminvereinbarung

Appointment confirmation

sms messaging erinnerung

Pick up time

kostengünstig sms messaging

Repair costs


Inform about additional repairs

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