Smart Medication – More Quality of Life through Therapy Optimization

New future-oriented IT solutions and an insight into the future of digital health will be offered by MEDICA in Düsseldorf from November 15-18. This year, the world’s largest event for the medical industry will take place both physically and virtually. We look forward to exciting topics and presentations over the three days.

“Medicines don’t work on patients who don’t take them.”

C. Everett Koop

The above statement may sound like a naturalness. Unfortunately, medication therapy support remains one of the biggest challenges in healthcare.

Smart Medication will be a major one of many topics at the fair. It includes digital applications for telemedicine care and therapy support. The cancer patient acts as an example, for whom regular and correct taking of his medication is immensely important for optimal treatment in his pain therapy. This can also simplify communication between the treating physician, nursing staff and patient.

The holistic networking of healthcare players such as doctors, health centers, pharmacies and patients is the main focus here. The goal is a clear presentation of the entire treatment history as well as more efficient online monitoring for chronically ill patients. 12Next and dicomsys have developed a Smart Medication Cloud application. The patient transmits the values required for dosing and receives the exact medication back on his smartphone via SMS. An application that offers new treatment options by integrating the latest communication tools and flexible software. It also reduces the workload of doctors and patients, as well as the number of recurring visits to the doctor.

Studies have shown that in industrialized countries, more than 50% of patients with chronic diseases do not take their medication as recommended by their doctor. A positive correlation between adherence and health-related quality of life in people with chronic diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease has been demonstrated by two studies.

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Challenges and risks

Incorrect medication adherence poses many risks. From a suboptimal therapeutic effect, a higher risk of side effects or an increased use of medical resources. Even incorrect drug judgments and conclusions can arise, with premature discontinuation of potentially life-saving agents.

Physicians also have limited or no real-time visibility into home activities, so an incorrect intake may not be noticed or even go unnoticed until the next medical appointment. This can have a significant impact on patient health.

Patient adherence to medication regimens presents a number of challenges. Healthcare organizations worldwide also struggle with a highly complex and confusing medication process. Multiple stakeholders, installed systems, and manual and often paper-based processes are involved, resulting in a labor-intensive, costly, and error-prone process.

In this article, we will provide an overview of what optimal telemedicine care should look like and how you can benefit by using our solutions to improve patient care. We will look at three key aspects for Smart Medication:

  • Personalized therapy support
  • Digitized, all-encompassing medication adherence
  • Flexible medication processes
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Personalized therapy support

Complicated treatment plans, complex and difficult-to-understand medication instructions, limited or no personalized support, and lack of real-time insights into home use are just a few factors that can lead to patient non-compliance with treatment.

The good news, however, is that there are tailored software solutions in this area, such as those offered by dicomsys with 12Next as a partner, that enable a more patient-centric approach.

Numerous digital measures, including SMS notifications or web-based medication monitoring and education systems, are being developed and deployed to promote medication management with the goal of improving adherence. Personalized notifications with details on when and how to take medications can pick up patients and guide them through taking their medications. This creates a comprehensive customer journey.

As an experienced partner for intelligent and customized software, SaaS and telecommunication solutions, dicomsys supports healthcare companies on a technical level for the integrated sending of SMS notifications. We will be happy to advise you if you would like a solution for the delivery of SMS for taking medication to the patients’ mobile devices. The dispatch complies with the latest and highest security and data protection requirements.

Digitized, all-round medication intake

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a collection of smart devices and wearables that collect and communicate data. Products with smart capabilities or software platforms have been equipped with processors, sensors, software or connectivity. They enable data exchange between the products and their environment, the manufacturer, the user and other product systems.

In machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, devices are autonomously connected and data exchange takes place through any communication channel, including wired and wireless communication such as through an SMS. The collected technical data is then transmitted to application software that can use this information, for example, for evaluations. More recently, communication has evolved from machine-to-machine to a system of networks that transmits data to personal devices.

Use the technology: dicomsys’ cloud solutions with 12Next as a partner can be used to evaluate technical data or measured values. In this way, behavioral changes in therapy are detected at an early stage to prevent potential cases of discontinuation.

Flexible medication processes

The former medication process is an extensive process involving multiple stakeholders and individual systems. Often still in paper form. This includes the pharmaceutical manufacturer, pharmacies, couriers/suppliers, staff in clinics and practices for dispensing, and patients – the key stakeholders – for ingestion.

The process silos result in low efficiency and gaps in the process and are very labor, time and cost intensive. What if there was a mechanism that integrated and connected all systems and stakeholders and ensured an automated and seamless flow between the various activities? What if all partners had a real-time view of the medication process – where, what and when?

Recent advances have shown that the above future scenarios are no longer mere concepts, but are already becoming reality.

Medications that are sensitive to proper temperature and storage conditions can be adequately protected with an SMS alert to the appropriate pharmacies or service providers that the preparations will be on site in 5 minutes and need to be refrigerated immediately. Here, dicomsys supports the players with an integrated dispatch of the alerts and thus simplifies the logistical processes. This process also has a significant impact on eliminating many manual, time-consuming and costly activities. Reports indicate that the “temperature out of range” error in shipments can account for $13 billion per year, resulting in a total loss of up to $35 billion per year when taking into account the cost of medication replacement and related labor.

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Other telemedicine application scenarios

All-encompassing telemedicine care requires the right point of contact. With 12Next, dicomsys has a partner and expert in cloud applications that enable patients to get great care without having to download an app first. Apps built today have a hard time getting enough reach due to the wide bandwidth in the market. Accordingly, our smart solutions are more cost-effective and, of course, compliant with data protection laws due to our location in Germany.

For pain patients and chronically ill patients, regular visits to the doctor are also part of holistic therapy support. Here we support the use of an online appointment booking system by automatically sending appointment reminders via SMS in the medical sector. Through an integration of an API to the gateway of dicomsys, the sending of automatic appointment confirmations or reminders can take place via your own CRM system in the practice. Patients receive the SMS messages conveniently on their smartphones.

This ensures that appointments cannot be missed or canceled in good time so that other patients have the opportunity to use the canceled appointment. In times of digitalization, fewer and fewer patients are picking up the phone, so booking an appointment online is more convenient and saves time and money.

If it is not possible for the patient to come to the practice, a video consultation is an option. Due to the Corona pandemic, the modern and secure service has become more popular and good patient care can be maintained. The dicomsys offers 2-factor authentication and thus meets the highest security and privacy requirements. Participation in a virtual consultation is usually done with the help of an access code. For this purpose, the patient is quickly and reliably sent an SMS with the link to the corresponding “waiting room” including the code.

As an experienced provider of mobile messaging, we can support you in another scenario: Send the test results of a rapid or PCR test securely and quickly via SMS. Since the cell phone number is mandatory during registration, you already have access to a database of your customers’ phone numbers. The test result is then sent with a link within an SMS. With this link, the EU certificate can be loaded directly into the wallet on the smartphone. This saves the customer from having to scroll through the many spam emails in their inbox and gives them immediate access.

The way into the future

The possibilities for combining technology and connecting individual players are endless. To keep up with the dynamic environment, new possibilities for optimal and personalized therapy support are constantly being explored.