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We connect brands from all industries with their customers

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Take advantage of the benefits our Messenger communication platform offers you: You can establish fast, simple and efficient bi-directional communication with your customers. Provide your customers with targeted information and offers via trusted and frequently used messaging channels. Using these, you can easily and conveniently get in touch with them and turn your customer communication into an experience.

Using our Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS), you can also automate parts of your communication and make it even more efficient.

One platform – multiple communication channels with central control, campaign tool and automation options via chatbots

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Your Look & Feel

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Profile & Persona
Personalized content

rich cards

Rich Cards & Carousel
Text, audio, pictures, video, links

two factor authentication

Identity verification
Bot can have user’s identity confirmed

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Adaptability of the contents
The same bot can be used for multiple channels (e.g. WhatsApp, RCS,…)

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Call to Action
Buttons and Quick Replies in Rich Cards for fast and accurate interaction


Intelligent Interactions
AI mechanisms like NLP and Deep Learning

Our Messenger Communications Platform is usable in all industries and offers new solutions for intuitive, professional and compliant with data protection customer communications that goes beyond pure communication. 

Personal contact, targeted customer contact, quick processing times, simple contact support, and cost efficiency – all this via one simple platform. Our platform improves your service and increases customer relations.


Get in contact

Reach your target group through popular messenger channels and be quick and easy to reach for your customers through trusted services.

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Facebook Messenger

1.3 billion active monthly users (Statista 2019)



Rich Communication Services: Substitute for SMS with more functionalities

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Can be received by any mobile device

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Over 2 billion active monthly users worldwide (Statista 2020)

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Chat on your website

Why communicate with customers by messenger?

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The 1:1 real time chat enables direct communication with your customers in the way they usually talk with friends. The personal contact via trusted messenger services raises customer satisfaction and improves customer relations.


Without queues, service and support questions from several customers can be answered simultaneously by a single employee via a messenger service thanks to asynchronous communication. Furthermore, your customers can reach you at any time 24/7.


The use of chatbots enables (partial) automation of your customer communication. Increase service quality and save both time and money with pre-defined response options and messages. 


Widely prevalent and accepted thanks to use by preferred communication channels, omnichannel messaging offers an enormous potential. High opening and readership rates and wide reach are just some of the advantages. 

Multimedia usage

What can be sent?

Textnachrichten versenden


bilder versenden


videos versenden


Dateien versenden


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Voice messages

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