Lottery: Turn interested users into paying customers with SMS marketing

Mobile technology continues to advance and the possibilities it offers are immense. It makes life a lot easier. From a quick message via WhatsApp Messenger to money transfers, smartphones have become an integral part of people’s everyday lives.

But what do smartphones have to do with the lottery industry? The lottery industry has also benefited from the advances in mobile technology, especially in terms of gaining advantages. With many companies taking advantage of a well-thought-out mobile marketing strategy, the lottery industry can undoubtedly use it to increase sales. With their interactivity and interesting display options, smartphones are very popular because they allow you to do things with just a tap of your finger. Especially for gambling and lottery providers, the mobile marketing strategy is a blessing, as it reaches a large number of target groups immediately, unlike traditional lottery marketing. All it takes is sending an SMS to lottery players. However, in view of the rampant lottery fraud worldwide, it is a challenge to distinguish yourself as a reputable provider from the rest of the illegal online lotteries.

Online lotteries were admittedly included in the State Gambling Treaty in 2012 (new version since 2021) and are legal as far as they are licensed by German authorities. Nevertheless, there are a lot of black sheep on the market these days. The state lotteries reacted immediately and have since offered their services on the Internet as well. The legal basis for this in Germany is also the regional gambling laws of the federal states. In today’s fast-paced world, SMS has become one of the most effective communication platforms for lottery, betting operators and players. Paying customers of these lotteries appreciate instant information about prizes, tips and odds, which helps them improve their gambling behavior and increase their chances of winning. SMS is the most direct and immediate channel to achieve the highest possible reach. It offers the simplest form of two-way communication and enables push-based reminders and win announcements, which should increase customer loyalty.

How can lotteries benefit from mobile SMS marketing?

German lottery companies can use SMS messages to send information to their customers quickly and regardless of their location. SMS can be used to send the following notifications, for example:

gewinnbenachrichtigung sms

Win notifications via SMS

If a player is one of the lucky winners, he or she can be informed about the win with a quick SMS. Additionally, mentioning the location for the pickup is helpful.

gewinnzahlen lotto sms

Odds and winning numbers

Send the latest lottery numbers and winning odds in real time for popular games like „6aus49“ or „Eurojackpot“.

promotion sms

Announce promotions

Inform your customers about promotions, special offers or discounts you are currently offering with SMS notifications.

sms sonderziehung lotto

Special draws

Unscheduled draws often take place on certain events or holidays. An SMS can be used to remind those of an upcoming game who would otherwise not have had this on their radar.

sms jackpothöhe lotto

Alerts of jackpot amounts

If the jackpot was not hit in the last draw, it increases and that makes it more attractive for many lottery players to buy a ticket. The highest jackpot in the history of Lotto „6aus49“ was hit by a player from Bavaria in 2015. Thanks to his lucky numbers, including the super number, he won 33 million euros.

reminder sms

Game reminders

Every now and then, people may forget something in their daily lives, and so they may not remember the traditional Wednesday lottery game. With an SMS reminder that reminds you that you still have to play, this won’t happen anytime soon.

These classic info SMS messages increase the conversion rate of returning players. Text messages can also be linked to social media and campaigns like special draws, etc. Links in a text message can take customers to landing pages or to company pages on social media channels to drive traffic there.

sms datenbank aufbauen

What if you don’t have cell phone numbers available?

There are several ways to build a database of customers’ cell phone numbers:

  • Publish on all promotional materials (signs, brochures, posters, leaflets, websites, etc.) the notice “Send an SMS to the number +49 xxx xx xx xxx with the words NAME OF YOUR LOTTERY” to sign up as a customer for drawings of lottery numbers.
  • If you have a website, add a registration form where customers can enter their mobile numbers.
  • By soliciting numbers through loyalty card programs or simply by asking customers directly.

Welche Vorteile hat SMS-Messaging?


of all SMS are read by recipients


of them within 3 minutes

Messaging is a powerful tool in marketing. When customers are incentivized to follow a link, the average SMS marketing click through rate (CTR) is 14%. This compares to 2.8% for email.

To get the most out of your mobile marketing strategy, there are a few points to keep in mind: It is important to understand that text messaging-based lotteries face prejudices. It completely depends on the user’s perception and the type of messages that are sent. A good way to make it work is to use certain words that do not sound unserious and are appealing. . For example, starting with “Welcome!” should be used instead of “Congratulations.” A no-go is complete words in capital letters in lottery messages. Keeping fixed times for sending messages also helps establish a good connection with customers. This includes sending messages at a specific time when users do not tend to ignore the SMS.

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