Car repair shops: Increasing customer satisfaction through efficient communication

When a car owner’s vehicle is in the car repair shop, this usually means limited mobility for him or her. For many people, the car is indispensable for getting to work. Therefore, the owner usually wants to be informed about the progress of the visit in the car repair shop. Has the repair already started? What costs can be expected? Can the car already be picked up? Such inquiries can generate a considerable volume of service calls, especially at large car dealerships and car repair shops.

The number of service calls is particularly high at times when most motorists are changing to summer or winter tires. But service employees are also constantly busy outside these peak times. One customer appointment follows the next, so it is usually difficult to reach an employee on the phone.

Customers who call their contact person are therefore often directed to a central call center. The call center records the request for a callback and reports it to the responsible service employee, who calls the customer back at the next opportunity. This procedure is time-consuming, expensive, leads to delays in communication between the customer and the car repair shop and causes customer satisfaction to drop. This is far from ideal – both from the customer’s and the service provider’s point of view.

automotive sms messaging

SMS messaging is the solution

As a rule, most customer calls to the service center relate to the service status of the customer’s vehicle. The obvious solution here is to make this vehicle status information available to customers as efficiently as possible.

The goal: to inform customers in real time about the service status of their vehicle, improve service quality, reduce call volumes, and thus simultaneously increase customer satisfaction. An app that allows customers to track service status seems like a good idea, but for a one-time query many car owners don’t want to download a separate app.

It’s easier to communicate status via a communication channel that every cell phone has: a SMS. Service staff can use an SMS to communicate the vehicle’s service status in real time and provide the requested information. 

It is also often the case that customers cannot be reached by phone. Instead of waiting for a callback, the service employee sends an SMS and thus improves or accelerates communication. Due to the high time savings, the parties involved benefit.

Message Networks, as an experienced mobile messaging provider, guarantees a secure and direct delivery of the SMS to the users’ mobile devices. The delivery meets the highest security and data protection requirements through technologies such as IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). Direct connections to mobile network operators ensure reliable SMS transmission.

Customers prefer SMS notifications. Compared to e-mail, these are seen immediately. 98% of all SMS are opened and read within 5 minutes.

With an SMS notification, the car dealership or the car repair shop can send appointment confirmations, communicate the pick-up time of the vehicle or inform about costs and additionally necessary repairs.

Additionally, SMS provides customers with a reminder of

inspektion erinnerung

the annual inspection,

reifenwechsel erinnerung

the change to summer or winter tires

ölwechsel erinnerung

or that it’s time to change the oil.

Improved customer service and huge time savings on both sides increases satisfaction and guarantees a smooth process when a vehicle is due for maintenance. Fast and targeted communication also results in enormous cost savings, as the service employee needs less time to call customers again and again.