Call center communication reinterpreted

Consumers often find it very frustrating to be put on hold at a call center, especially if they only have a simple question. In fact, 33% of customers then hang up immediately. The rest wait an average of 13 minutes before doing the same. Likewise, there are few things more frustrating for call center employees than dealing with said customers who, after being on the line for nearly 15 minutes, become impatient or even angry.

Good customer service is key, but sometimes the phones just won’t stop ringing.

Long waiting times are a headache for everyone involved. Service employees need a break now and then, management wants to improve the customer experience, and customers expect their calls to be answered promptly. Everyone is looking for ways to improve customer service, which is why more and more customer service providers are turning to SMS.

Customers want to have multiple communication options to choose from. This is especially true when they need support. Generally, most customer-facing companies offer phone, email, and sometimes live chat support services. However, in the minds of customers, each communication option has its own purpose. Generally, phone calls are for urgent inquiries. Emails often provide inadequate responses or have slow response times. Live chat is often the first choice, but it can be time-consuming to use. It takes several steps (e.g., through a chatbot) to reach a call center employee on live chat. Once in, you have to keep the window open and wait on hold until someone is available.

Using SMS improves customer service and gives customers the convenience of asking short questions to which they get a quick response. An SMS does not require an internet connection and it can be accessed from any mobile device. This means that customers do not have to spend extra time opening an additional browser window or external application. Additionally, there is no need to wait on hold. Call center staff can respond to these short queries faster, and customers are happier with the response time.

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Increased efficiency through the use of SMS

A company should be reachable on the channel that customers want. This can simultaneously reduce lengthy phone calls and  the workload of customer service staff. SMS call center solutions thus help both sides, the consumer and the call center service provider. In addition, operational efficiency is sustainably improved and administrative costs are reduced at the same time. It is a proactive, positive step for call center operators in order to interact with consumers. Service requests can then be managed more efficiently, plus with SMS messaging there is the ability to handle multiple requests at once. On the phone, support personnel are limited to one customer; with SMS, capacity can be fully utilized to help multiple customers at once.

By integrating a messaging API, the call center operator can automatically 

sms zahlungserinnerung

send messages to customers about outstanding payments

versandbestaetigung sms

provide shipping notifications


collect customer contact information

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and more

This will help eliminate repetitive tasks that take up much of service staff’ time.

Message Networks, as an experienced mobile messaging provider, guarantees secure and direct delivery of these SMS to patients’ mobile devices. Delivery meets the highest security and privacy requirements through technologies such as IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) and HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). All SMS are reliably delivered via a direct connection to the messaging gateways of the mobile network operators and without any time delay.

If a customer does not have time to wait on hold, support staff can send the customer an SMS to arrange a follow-up call at a more convenient time. So they respond to customer’s needs and leaves a positive impression of the customer service.

Some questions, such as banking services or order status, can be answered quickly with little to no manual intervention.

With the right SMS software, companies can guide their customers to send them keywords and receive this type of information automatically.

Feedback on services or products can also be obtained from a company via customer satisfaction survey. SMS surveys are ten times more likely to be completed than traditional email or paper surveys. Which means businesses can get more feedback and turn that feedback into better service overall. Improvements in customer support are a win-win situation for both the company and the customer.